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Posted on 07.02.2013 by bbhd

ITs cooking up! we have been in the studio and now have 10 track album “stage invasion” and a BAbydub album! if all goes… more »

booooooomtown. was. mega.

Posted on 13.08.2012 by bbhd

respect due to the boomtown crew for putting together a great show.

holy moley.

Posted on 22.02.2012 by bbhd

the baby dub sessions are nearly nailed and sounding heavy. we have also penned a smash hit for our new single. we need film… more »

Babyhead play Bristol Big Top – 27th July.

Posted on 20.02.2012 by bbhd

We are set to headline a very special gig at the Big Top behind Temple Meads Station next Friday….. This is our first Bristol… more »


Posted on 19.02.2012 by bbhd

little tom ala babyhead is now the proud father of a pub, check it out here.


Posted on 17.02.2012 by bbhd

As you all are undoubtedly aware, Brisfest is happening this weekend – 22nd / 23rd September. We’re playing on Saturday evening and are rippling… more »


Posted on 16.02.2012 by bbhd

cleaning out the cobwebs of 2011. got big stuff on the horizon. we are having a month off to clean the studio and lay… more »

BAByhead AGM

Posted on 01.02.2012 by bbhd

we had babyhead Annual General Meeting last nigh.. big plans were hatched.. keep eyes peeled for babyhead shop on single…new video….babydub ep…stage invasions… more »

big tingles agwaan

Posted on 29.11.2011 by bbhd

we have just confirmed we are gonna be doing a special show for chai wallahs in bristol for nye. whatch out!


Posted on 18.11.2011 by bbhd

hey hey. fanks peeps of plymouth and the ride cafe. we love playing for you…